Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Time to say something fast

You will no doubt have heard of the recent cases where pharmacists have refused to dispense drugs because the drugs are contrary to their religious belief. The General Pharmaceutical Council, which is replacing the existing Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, is consulting on its code of ethics.

The proposed code of ethics enshrines such discrimination as the official ethical policy. If this offends your sense of justice, you have until 28th May to object, this coming Friday in other  words.

This is the proposed code of ethics; clause 3.4 is the offending one, although I also draw clause 3.3 to your attention.

Remember that just because a patient is referred to another provider, they may not be able to act on that advice. Not everyone has access to private transport and there may be other considerations. Further, a patient may be so embarrassed or confused that they do not attempt to find another provider. This clause dismisses the welfare of patients and panders to the abstract whims of the pharmacist.

There is an on-line consultation form

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