Saturday, 3 July 2010


Conwy CC is obsessed with secrecy.  They're not alone, of course, but what makes them different is that we pay their wages.

Byron Davies was temporarily relieved of his duties on Friday, 26th March, following a complaint to North Wales Police. No details of the alleged crime were revealed at the time, but Mr Davies has been suspended on full pay ever since. He has not been charged, which seems to suggest that either there's insufficient evidence or the CPS has refused to prosecute.   The delay is almost certainly down to lawyers dragging their feet, which should surprise no one.  But a three month delay between suspension and resolution is a travesty and unfair to Mr Davies.  The Police should either charge him or declare the case unsustainable.

CCBC has been silent.

The Maesdu bridge saga continues to astonish those who live in Llandudno, and someone  - almost certainly an officer in the CCBC organisation - has made what can only be described as a catastrophic mess in the budgeting, planning and project management areas, and we need to know exactly what has happened and why such a massive overrun of costs has been incurred.

CCBC has been silent.

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