Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Bite not the hand

Jason Weyman's current blog entry mentions, among other things, his expenses. Recently, a few posters on Oscar's blog have been making somewhat negative remarks about Jason and expenses and that's something which is fairly easy to do. Jason - after all - is a public figure and expects the flak along with the plaudits, even if most emanate from anon.  But it's worthwhile reading his blog, because Jason is a great deal more open about his intentions and reasons than most.  Most importantly, however, Jason is telling people what's happening - something of which - in a Council obsessed with secrecy and covert actions - many other councillors might do well to take note.

We need more like Jason Weyman.


Steve Hunt said...

It is becoming very clear why CCBC like to keep things secret - they are in very serious trouble.

I have a mountain of evidence that is being handed over in a meeting with the auditors (KPMG) next week, the Welsh Audit Office is now also involved, and there is highly likely to be a legal challenge in the courts to the Council's accounts on several grounds.

I did warn them not to screw around with me, but they ignored the warning. Now they will pay. Dearly.

Watch this space, as they say...

Anonymous said...

"I did warn them not to screw around with me"
big opinion of yourself much?