Friday, 13 August 2010

Greed and Gormlessness

The Pier pavilion site is causing a lot of consternation in Llandudno at the moment, with significant efforts being made to get something done about what has become an 18-year long eyesore on the front. A lot of myths abound but the reality is actually pretty simple.  The site owner refuses to negotiate on any plans for the site that don't involve him getting a huge amount of money based on its potential for residential planning which - as it's a conservation area - isn't going to happen.  

Over the past few years, numerous attempts have been made to get him to agree to something and - although he has professed interest at the outset - at the last minute he's pulled out and refused to meet with anyone.

Many folk think Llandudno and the WAG should take a compulsory purchase order on the site, but there's a big snag: Llandudno isn't a designated regeneration area.  The entire coast from Rhyl to Colwyn Bay is, and then from Conwy to Bangor but Llandudo's been left out.

So - because of one person's greed and the WAG's refusal to consider Llandudno as a necessary part of their regeneration strategy, the town is stuck with an eyesore that cannot but put visitors off visiting again.  Time to start lobbying the WAG, perhaps...


Anonymous said...

Time to start lobbying the WAG, perhaps, to late let's scrap it.

Steve Hunt said...

Mr Taylor is perfectly entitled to do whatever he likes with his land (within the law, obviously) - as indeed every reader is entitled to do whatever they like with their own pieces of land.

If the good people of Llandudno don't like it, they should all put their hands in their pockets and buy it from Mr Taylor - then the people can do whatever they like with it.


Anonymous said...

so of i owned a pier, i could let it decay and fall into the water even though its a listed structure because i had no money to fix it?